07 noviembre, 2011

How to decorate a romantic bathroom

1- Select luxurious fixtures to create a romantic bathroom space that pampers you with comfort. A soaking tub, a multi-spray shower and a fireplace are a few examples of luxurious comfort for your bathroom.

2- Select colors to decorate your romantic bathroom that are analogous, or side-by-side on the color wheel. A romantic design style soothes the senses; different shades of the same color or colors with the same tones help create a peaceful space. For example, decorate the bathroom in two to three different shades of blue ranging from navy to sky-blue or select colors such as purple and red to create a harmonious, romantic design.

3- Paint the wall in the predominate color choice from the analogous color scheme. This selection is subjective, but the size of the bathroom plays a role. Dark colors make a small space seem smaller, light colors make a small space seem larger.
4- Hang decorative wrought iron mirrors over the sinks to add to the romantic appeal. If wrought iron does not fit your style, Venetian mirrors add a feminine touch and are available in many shapes and sizes.
5- Hang a chandelier dripping in crystals in place of a standard ceiling light fixture to decorate a romantic bathroom. Flank the mirrors with sconces that coordinate with the chandelier for additional lighting.

6- Choose filmy sheer curtains or elegant tie-back drapes for the windows that coordinate with the wall color. For example, if the wall color is rich green, hang window treatments in the same shade or a shade lighter.

7- Place an overstuffed chair covered with soft fabric and a side table in the bathroom, if room allows.

8- Accent your romantic bathroom with plush rugs and linens in a color that coordinates with the wall and window treatment colors. 

9- Place candles around the soaking tub and on the countertops. A vase of flowers on the side table, the countertop or in the corner around the tub will enhance the romantic design scheme.