21 octubre, 2012

La guinda de TU pastel - Home Staging Cartagena

What differences there are before and after a home staging? Lets me show you!


Because knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it are two different things, La guinda de TU pastel - Home Staging Cartagena knows what your property need to be sell or rent. To ensure your property will be shown at its finest, each room will be edited and arranged to show off its best features.

Clutter elimination, organizing, furniture layout, and lighting are just a few of the areas we consider when staging each room for show. You will also be given a detailed listing of repairs or improvements that may be essential in the re-sale potential of your home. Besides we do a marketing research about your property!

Whether you are looking for help with one or two rooms, or the entire house, La guinda de TU pastel can help you to sell you property faster and with a better price.

It begins with a phonecall:  (+34) 601201206

For home staging details, pricing and availability please contact with us in laguindadetupastel@gmail.com (home staging for Cartagena - Spain properties)
 See some before/after home staging example:

Which one would you choose?  One image says more than a 1000 words!